How To Create a Free Website for a Business in 2023

How to create a free website for a business – More and more people are looking to create a website to increase their business visibility. Are you one of them? Except that you want to know how to create a website totally free? We are going to explain you how to proceed in a relatively simple way.

The best free website makers in 2022

Without further ado, we are going to present you the five sites that will give you the possibility to create a free website in less than an hour. You don’t have any knowledge in development or web design? That’s good because you won’t need it.


The best free website makers - wix
After having tested a lot of solutions allowing to create a website in a totally free way, our conclusion was the following: Wix is the best tool to carry out this mission in 2022.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our Wix review, we strongly advise you to do so in order to get more information and details about it.

In the meantime, here is a presentation of the advantages and disadvantages offered by the free website creation solution.

Wix pros and cons


Why choose Wix rather than another software allowing the creation of a free website? Simply because it is extremely easy to use and the features offered are more than satisfactory (despite the fact that you will not have to pay anything).

Wix is the easiest website builder to use in our opinion. To complete your mission, all you have to do is answer a few questions (in order to target your needs as much as possible), choose the template that suits the theme you want to deal with, and that’s it.

After that, you will be able to customize all the elements of your site (banner, menu, side menu, background, etc.) via a simple click and drag. If you ever make a mistake, press CTRL+Z on your keyboard to go back.

In terms of storage space, Wix is relatively generous with 500 MB allocated. It’s not much but it’s more than many other solutions that offer to help you create a free website.

If you have any questions, you should know that Wix has a relatively large knowledge base. You will find guides, tutorials, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions, which is very useful.


The free version of Wix is not perfect… because it costs nothing. The company behind Wix has to make money and to do so, it limits the features you will have access to in order to make you migrate, at some point, to one of its paid plans.

By the way, for your information, Wix’s paid plans start at 10.50€/month. You will find the price list by clicking on the link above.

What are the disadvantages of creating a free website on Wix? Even if the storage space offered remains decent, it is relatively low if you want to put a large number of pages and articles with images online.

Like all the other software that we will present to you in the following, Wix will also place an advertisement on your site created for free. As for the domain you will use, you will have to be satisfied with a sub-domain namedevotresite.wixsite.com. This is not really going to help you look good on search engines if you ask us.

The other disadvantages are that the bandwidth is also limited (500 MB per month) and that you will not be able to create an online store via the free Wix solution. This option is only available if you take a paid plan.

Despite all this, we still believe that Wix is the best choice if you want to create a 100% free website. We advise you to try it on your own to see for yourself.


The best free website makers - zyro

Zyro is probably the best alternative to Wix when it comes to free website creation. Powered by the web hosting company Hostinger, the website creation platform has everything to please: quality templates, easy-to-use web editor and various features.

If Zyro is placed so high in this ranking, it is also because its customer service is excellent and responsive. This counts a lot as a user.

To see if this platform is suitable for your needs, here is a list of Zyro’s strengths and weaknesses.

Zyro Pros and Cons


We recommend Zyro because its quality services allow you to build a beautiful and efficient website in a minimum of time.

Registering with Zyro is free and takes only a few seconds. And best of all, you don’t have to provide any payment information. Zyro provides many predefined templates designed by design professionals. There is something for everyone: websites related to restaurants, photography, music, events… Thanks to their variety, you will easily find the one that fits your universe and your project.

Once chosen, you will be redirected to the Zyro website editor and you will have access to all its features to customize your website. Texts, images, videos, social network icons, geolocation map, online contact form… The possibilities are numerous. These manipulations are done simply using drag and drop and the design grid that allows you to align the elements to the nearest pixel.

The real-time preview also makes the creation process much easier. You can add, modify or remove sections and see the result directly on the screen.

In addition to the practicality of its editor, Zyro also offers many additional tools that users can take advantage of: text and slogan generator, logo creator, image resizing tool, SEO and e-commerce features…

Another reason to choose Zyro over any other is the customer support it offers. Users manage to contact the teams easily and get a quick (or even immediate) response, either via the online chat or the contact form. Moreover, the advisors answer in French which is quite rare.


Zyro has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages that you should know before choosing it.

First, Zyro is a fairly new player. Its arrival on the market dates back to 2019. Thus, its number of templates may seem a bit low – although it is gradually increasing. Still, there are more than 130 templates which should be more than enough for the majority of Internet users.

Secondly, you should know that publishing the site requires a paid subscription. Fortunately, its subscriptions are the most competitive on the market. The rates start from 2,50€ per month which is much lower than other providers. And even at this price, you won’t have to worry about subdomains or ads. So, you can publish your website at a lower cost with Zyro.


The best free website makers - jimdo

Jimdo is another option to consider if you want to launch a website at no cost. Its no-cost offer will allow you to create a website in a relatively simple and fast way.

For us, this is the solution to choose if you are looking to how to create a free website for a business. We give you our feelings about Jimdo in the following lines.

Jimdo Pros And Cons


The first reason that could push you to choose Jimdo rather than Wix is that the site creator allows you to put a store online for free. You will only be able to sell up to 5 products but it is a good start.

Although advertising will be placed on your free Jimdo site, we appreciate the fact that it is extremely discreet. It will be positioned in the footer of your site and won’t bother your visitors.

The other advantage of Jimdo is that you don’t need any development or design skills to make your site user-friendly.

We haven’t mentioned it yet, but your free website will be protected by an SSL certificate, just like with Wix.


Like any other free website creation software, Jimdo comes with some drawbacks.

For example, you’ll have to deal with a subdomain structured like this: nameofyourwebsite.jimdo-site.com.

Our opinion on the templates offered by Jimdo is also mixed. We are far from the quality and diversity offered by Wix.

You should also take into account the fact that from an SEO point of view, you won’t be able to act on all the important components that are taken into account by the search engines in order to establish their rankings. We didn’t mention it, but it’s obvious: using Jimdo’s free offer to create a site will limit you in terms of performance. Your site will be slower and less stable overall.

To avoid all these drawbacks, the best solution is to opt for one of its paid plans, which start at 9,00€/month.


Site123 is another good solution that will give you the possibility to create a website for free and simply.

It is clearly not the best service but it stands up well. The creation tool and the hosting are included in the free offer of Site123, so you won’t have any hidden costs.

Site123 Pros And Cons


Site123 is known for its simplicity of use, which will allow you to create a free website quickly.

However, this is not the only advantage offered by this solution.

Even if you don’t pay anything to Site123, you will be able to count on live chat support. If you ever have a question about the process of creating or putting your free site online, you will be able to turn to this feature to chat with an agent.

The other thing we noticed is that, just like Jimdo, Site123 places an ad on your website. However, the latter is well hidden and will only be visible if you go to the bottom of the pages.

In general, the process of creating and customizing your site will be simple. The tool set up by Site123 is not our favorite but it is still a good solution for those who are new to the field.


Site123 does not allow you to link an existing domain name to its offer for free. You will have to pay a substantial amount of money in order to do such a thing ($12.80/month, which is the price of its “Premium” paid plan).

If you want your site to remain totally free, you will have to be satisfied with the sub-domain offered by Site123 (nameofyoursite.site123.me).

The other disadvantage Site123 has over Wix is that the storage space and bandwidth allocated is only 250 MB. For comparison, that’s half as much as Wix. Therefore, it is certain that you should quickly consider switching to one of Site123’s paid offers.

As far as templates are concerned, there is no doubt that you will find something that will fit your project. Now if you want our experts’ opinion, the whole thing looks a bit old-fashioned.

For your information, we remind you that Site123’s paid offers start at $12.80/month and are much less limited than its free offer.


how to create a free website for a business - webnode
Webnode is the fifth player in our comparison of best free website makers.

This does not mean that it is the worst… far from it! There are behind him the vast majority of players on the market. Let’s see together what are the strengths and weaknesses of its offer which will give you the possibility to create, put online, and then customize a totally free website.

Webnode Pros And Cons


The most reassuring thing about Webnode is that more than 30 million websites have been put online via its tool.

There is no doubt that Webnode is a good choice if you are looking to create a free website without bothering too long with its setup, its customization.

Many templates are available. You will find templates for any type of site. Overall, we found that the templates made by the editor are simple, ergonomic, and successful.

Another advantage that can be attributed to Webnode is the placement of an advertisement. The only advertisement that will be placed on your site will be a simple mention of the fact that the site was created using the Webnode tool. You will find this mention at the bottom of the page, which is anything but annoying if you ask us.


If Webnode is behind Wix, Zyro, Jimdo and others, it is because it is even more limited than them.

To give you a concrete example, with the offer allowing you to create a free site via Webnode, you will only be entitled to 100 MB of storage space. That’s five times less than what Wix offers.

You might as well say that you will quickly find yourself stuck in this aspect.

As far as the domain name is concerned, you’ll have to make do with a sub-domain once again: nomdevotresite.webnode.com. To link an existing domain name to your free site… you will unfortunately have to pay 3,00€/month (Webnode calls it the “Limited” plan).

Like SiteW, Webnode does not allow you to create an online store via its free offer. To do so, you will have to go through a paid offer.

You want to avoid all the disadvantages listed? In that case, we strongly advise you to take a look at the paid plans of Webnode. They are available from 5,50€ per month, which is relatively affordable.


We hope that through this article presenting you best free website makers, you now know where to turn.

To summarize, if you want to use a software that will assist you from A to Z in your approach (without you having to manage anything from a web hosting point of view), Wix is our number one recommendation.

Its solution is easy to use, you will have access to many themes, you will be able to modify absolutely every aspect of your site, and you will always have the possibility to switch to a paid offer if ever the need arises. In addition to all this, Wix will allow you to create any type of free website.

how to create a free website for a business

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