30 Websites To Learn Code For Free

If you want to learn to code, there are many ways to learn coding for free, one of which is by using websites to learn code for free.

There are many websites that offer free resources to help people learn how to code. These can be a great way to get started, or to brush up on your skills if you’re already familiar with coding basics.

Some popular websites that offer free coding resources include Codecademy, Code.org, and FreeCodeCamp. These websites all offer interactive tutorials and exercises to help you learn various programming languages.

In addition to these websites, there are also many YouTube channels and blogs that offer free coding content. These can be a great way to supplement your learning, and to get different perspectives on coding concepts.

Below is a list of best website to learn coding for free:

Websites to learn code for free :


websites to learn code for free - udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses on a wide variety of topics. You can take courses on your own schedule and at your own pace. Many of the courses are free, but some of the more popular ones cost money. The courses are taught by experts in their field, and you can get a certificate of completion for each course you complete.


websites to learn code for free - hackerrank

HackerRank is a technology company that specializes in competitive programming challenges for both consumers and businesses. The company’s website offers a range of challenges, from simple algorithm questions to complex programming challenges, that can be solved in any programming language.

HackerRank’s mission is to “ make technical recruiting more efficient by matching talented developers with great companies.” The company has a community of over 3 million developers who come to the site to practice their coding skills, compete in programming challenges, and find jobs.

In addition to its website, HackerRank offers a suite of tools for businesses to use for recruiting, screening, and interviewing developers. Businesses can use HackerRank to source developers, assess their skills, and identify the most qualified candidates for open positions.


websites to learn code for free - freeCodeCamp

I’m a big fan of freeCodeCamp! I think it’s a great resource for people who want to learn how to code. I love that it’s completely free and that there is such a large community of people who are willing to help each other out.

I think one of the best things about freeCodeCamp is that it’s very beginner friendly. The tutorials and challenges are very well written and easy to follow. I also like that there is a wide variety of topics covered. Whether you want to learn front-end or back-end development, there is something for everyone.

I would highly recommend freeCodeCamp to anyone who is looking to learn how to code. It’s a great resource that can help you take your coding skills to the next level.


websites to learn code for free - geeksforgeeks

GeeksforGeeks is a website that helps programmers and computer science students prepare for technical interviews. The website contains a vast collection of articles, tutorials, and practice problems on a variety of topics in computer science.

GeeksforGeeks is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their coding skills or prepare for a technical interview. The articles are well-written and the practice problems are challenging but doable. I highly recommend this website to anyone who is serious about learning computer science.


websites to learn code for free - geeksforgeeks - Codecademy-home

Codecademy is a website that offers free interactive coding lessons in various programming languages. The lessons are designed to take you from zero to hero in coding, and the website offers a wide range of courses for different levels of coding experience.

I took the HTML & CSS course on Codecademy and found it to be a great introduction to coding. The course is well structured and easy to follow, and the interactive exercises are a great way to learn the concepts. I would definitely recommend Codecademy to anyone interested in learning to code.


Codementor is an online platform that provides on-demand programming help. It connects developers with expert mentors who can provide guidance and support through one-on-one sessions.

Codementor was founded in 2013 by Filipe Castro and Weiting Liu. The company is based in San Francisco, California.

Codementor provides a variety of services, including code review, coding assistance, interview preparation, and career advice. It also offers a number of resources, such as articles, tutorials, and courses.

The platform is designed to help developers improve their skills and advance their careers. Mentors on Codementor are experienced professionals who are passionate about helping others learn and grow.

If you’re looking for help with your coding, Codementor is a great place to start. With its wide range of services and resources, you’re sure to find the support you need to take your coding to the next level.


websites to learn code for free

HackerEarth is a great platform for practicing your coding skills and preparing for coding interviews. The questions on HackerEarth are usually well-written and cover a wide range of topics. 

The community is also very helpful, and you can usually find someone to help you if you get stuck on a question. Overall, I highly recommend HackerEarth as a resource for practicing your coding skills.


websites to learn code for free - W3Schools

W3Schools is a website that provides tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and jQuery.

I found the tutorials on W3Schools to be very well written and easy to follow. The examples are also very helpful in understanding the concepts being taught. Overall, I would definitely recommend W3Schools to anyone wanting to learn more about web development.

GitHub and Stack Overflow review

websites to learn code for free - github

GitHub and Stack Overflow are two of the most popular development platforms on the internet. They are both incredibly useful for developers of all levels and backgrounds.

GitHub is a platform for hosting and managing code repositories. It is used by millions of developers all over the world. Stack Overflow is a platform for asking and answering programming questions. It has a huge community of developers who are always willing to help out.

Both GitHub and Stack Overflow are incredibly useful for developers. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but overall they are both great platforms.

Skillcrush’s Free Coding Camp

Skillcrush’s free coding camp is a great way to learn the basics of coding. The camp is divided into three sections: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. Each section contains lessons, quizzes, and projects to help you learn the material. The camp is self-paced, so you can work through the material at your own pace. The camp is also available in a variety of languages, so you can choose the language that you’re most comfortable with.


CODE.ORG is a non-profit organization that aims to increase access to computer science education for all students. The organization offers a variety of resources, including online courses, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities. CODE.ORG also provides advocacy and policy support to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn computer science.


websites to learn code for free - codewars

CODEWARS is a website that offers a variety of coding challenges to its users. The challenges range in difficulty, and users are able to track their progress and compare their scores with other users. CODEWARS also offers a number of resources to help users improve their coding skills.


Udacity is an online learning platform with a mission to democratize education. They offer nanodegree programs in various fields such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and more.

I personally have found Udacity to be an extremely valuable resource. I have taken several courses on the platform and have found them to be very informative and well-made. The instructors are usually industry experts and the courses are very engaging. I would highly recommend Udacity to anyone looking to learn more about a specific topic or skill.


BitDegree is a new way to learn technology and digital skills. The platform offers free and affordable online courses, as well as the ability to earn rewards for completing courses and objectives. TheBitDegree team is on a mission to make learning technology and digital skills more accessible and rewarding, and to close the global skills gap.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a website that offers interactive programming courses. The courses are designed for beginners and teach the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The website also offers a course on jQuery, which is a popular JavaScript library. The courses are self-paced and come with a certificate of completion.


websites to learn code for free - sololearn

SoloLearn is a great way to learn how to code by yourself. The platform offers a variety of courses on different programming languages, as well as tips and tricks on how to code. The courses are interactive and engaging, and the community is very supportive. I highly recommend SoloLearn to anyone who wants to learn how to code!


websites to learn code for free - upskill

Upskill is an important lifelong learning strategy. It involves taking specific actions to improve one’s skillset and knowledge so that they can better meet the demands of their current job or future career.

There are many reasons to upskill. Perhaps you want to stay ahead of the curve in your field, or make yourself more marketable in the job market. Maybe you’re looking to earn a promotion or pay raise. Whatever your motivation, upskilling can pay off in a big way.

There are a number of ways to go about upskilling. You can take courses or attend workshops offered by trade associations or online learning platforms. You can also read industry-related books or articles, or listen to podcasts. You can even shadow a more experienced colleague or mentor.

Whatever route you choose, make sure you’re taking the time to learn new things and actively apply them to your work. Upskilling is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. By continuously expanding your skillset, you’ll be better positioned to meet the challenges of the ever-changing workplace.


websites to learn code for free - Hackr.io

Hackr.io is a collaborative programming and development platform that helps developers learn, code and share their knowledge with others. The site includes a library of code snippets, tutorials and articles, as well as a community forum where developers can ask questions and share advice. Hackr.io also offers a range of coding challenges and competitions to help developers improve their skills.


websites to learn code for free - Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a website that helps you learn to code through challenges. They have a library of challenges for you to choose from, and you can also create your own. The challenges are designed to help you improve your coding skills, and they also have a forum where you can ask for help or give help to others.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

websites to learn code for free - mva

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is a free online training website that offers courses on a variety of Microsoft products. The courses are self-paced and can be taken at any time. They are designed for both beginners and experienced users.

MVA offers a wide range of courses on Microsoft products, from the basics of using Microsoft Office to more advanced topics such as developing apps for Windows Phone. The courses are delivered through a mix of video lectures, demos, and hands-on labs.

MVA is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft products. The courses are well-designed and the instructors are experts in their field. The hands-on labs are a great way to learn the material and get some experience using the products.


websites to learn code for free - Edabytepng

Edabit is a website that helps people learn to code. It has a variety of coding challenges and tutorials to help people learn the basics of coding. It also has a community where people can ask questions and help each other out.


websites to learn code for free - LaunchSchool

LaunchSchool is an online community and school for people who want to learn how to code. The school offers a variety of courses and resources that teach people everything from the basics of coding to more advanced topics. LaunchSchool also has a community of people who can help answer questions and provide support.

MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs is a free and open resource for web developers from Mozilla. It offers extensive documentation on web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. MDN Web Docs is also a great place to find code examples and tutorials on how to use these technologies to build websites and web applications.

After Hours Programming

websites to learn code for free - After Hours Programming

After hours programming is defined as any programming that airs outside of the traditional primetime hours of 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. This can include late night programming, overnight programming, and early morning programming.

Late night programming is typically aimed at a younger demographic and airs after the traditional primetime hours. This programming can include talk shows, comedy shows, and variety shows.

Overnight programming is typically aimed at a older demographic and airs during the overnight hours. This programming can include infomercials, movies, and reruns of popular daytime shows.

Early morning programming is typically aimed at a younger demographic and airs during the early morning hours. This programming can include news shows, morning talk shows, and children’s programming.

Rithm School

websites to learn code for free - Rithm School

Rithm School is a San Francisco-based coding bootcamp that offers full-time and part-time courses to students of all experience levels. The school’s immersive program focuses on helping students learn the key programming languages and frameworks needed to launch a successful career in software engineering. 

Rithm’s experienced instructors provide one-on-one mentorship and support throughout the program, and the school’s curriculum is constantly updated to ensure that students are learning the most up-to-date and relevant coding skills. 

Upon completion of the program, students will have the opportunity to work with Rithm’s partner companies, which include some of the world’s top tech firms.


websites to learn code for free - coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers courses from top universities and organizations. Students can learn at their own pace and earn a certificate or degree from anywhere in the world. Coursera also offers financial aid to help students afford the cost of tuition.

MIT OpenCourseWare

websites to learn code for free - MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free and open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum. OCW is available to the public free of charge.

With more than 2,400 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. MIT faculty have been leaders in the open education movement since the early days of the World Wide Web. The idea for OCW came about in April 2001, in the midst of a widespread dot-com economic downturn.

Times were tough all around, but especially so for education-related companies. Amidst this climate of uncertainty, the idea of openly sharing educational materials gained traction. The founders of OCW believed that there was a need for a trusted source of high-quality educational content that would be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

In September of 2001, MIT faculty voted overwhelmingly in favor of making MIT course materials available on the Web, free of charge. The OCW project was launched in April of 2002.

Since then, OCW has grown exponentially. In addition to MIT courses, OCW now includes materials from over 20 other higher education institutions. And OCW users come from every country in the world, with over half a million unique visitors from 220 countries every month.

The impact of OCW is far-reaching and extends beyond individual learners. Educators and educational institutions are using OCW as a resource for content, ideas, and pedagogical inspiration. Industry professionals are using OCW to keep up with the latest advances in their field.

And researchers are using OCW to find and use data sets for their work. OCW is making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

Code Conquest

websites to learn code for free - Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a website that offers free coding tutorials. The tutorials are written in a clear and concise manner, making them easy to follow. They cover a wide range of topics, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and PHP.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned coder, there’s something for everyone at Code Conquest. So why not check it out today and start your coding journey?


websites to learn code for free - CodeGym

CodeGym is a great way to learn coding. The course is very comprehensive and covers a lot of programming languages. The course is also very affordable and you can get a lot of value for your money. The course is also very well organized and you can easily follow along. The course is also very well structured and you can easily find the lessons you need.


websites to learn code for free - learn-html.org

LEARN-HTML.ORG is a website that offers free tutorials on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The site includes both text and video tutorials that are suitable for beginners and more experienced web developers. The tutorials cover topics such as how to create a basic website, how to style text and elements, and how to add interactivity with JavaScript.

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